Venture Capital Club Deal

Innovation with innovations

In the 1990s, in addition to the need for traditional investments such as shares, bonds and funds, the need arose for new forms of investment.

At Sallfort, Private Equity means venture capital investment in innovative technology companies. For this purpose, we have developed a new model that does not require a fund and offers investors a direct equity stake in growth companies.

At Sallfort Privatbank, this is called the “Venture Capital Club Deal”.

The process is very simple. The Sallfort Privatbank shareholders evaluate an investment and decide to invest personally. On this basis, Sallfort clients are invited to invest with them on the same terms, thus increasing the investment volume.

The client is then able to take a direct equity stake in the company without an intermediary investment structure. The Sallfort Private Equity team then manages the investment until exit.

The shares in the equity are credited to the client’s account and appear on the account statement as a PE investment.

In contrast to a venture capital fund, the client decides individually whether to participate in an investment and what sum to invest. There is no annual management fee, as there is with an investment fund.

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