Team & Investment Focus

Private Equity, Products & Services is headed by Michael Bornhäusser.

A team of financial analysts, international industry experts and an international network of venture capital specialists evaluate and manage investment opportunities.

Telecommunication technology
Digital media
Enterprise software

Investment parameters
3 years/3x
This means that an investment should be able to treble in value in three years.

USA (West Coast)
Latin America (in cooperation with Qualcomm Ventures LATAM and Red Innova)

Investment stage
Established companies with products/services on the market with corresponding expansion potential and an exit target of 3 – 5 years (pre-exit, pre-IPO)

Investment volume per deal
CHF 5 – 20m

Fee structure

  • One-off placement fee
  • Performance fee following investment exit

For information in person please contact:

Michael Bornhäusser
Telephone: +41 61 225 96 58