Portfolio & Track Record

Since our venture capital concept was introduced in January 2012, 7 investments have been made, some with second rounds, and 3 exits have already been completed (as of April 2016) with high returns for the investors.

Screenshot Cisco Ubiquisys acquisition cisco website
Ubiquisys, Bath UK
Investment 2012
Partner: Accel, Advent, Atlas Ventures
Trade Sale to Cisco 2013
USD 310MM*
Screenshot Lending Club website
Lending Club, San Francisco USA
Investment 2013
Partner: Morgan Stanley
IPO December 2015
Screenshot Seal Software website
Seal Software, San Francisco USA
Investment 2013/2014
Partner: TOBA Inc.
Secondary sale of 50% of the holdings 2016
Secondary sale of remaining 50% of the holdings 2018
USD 80MM*/USD 149MM*
Screenshot Rocket Lawyer website
Rocket Lawyer, San Francisco USA
Investment 2013/14
Partner: Google Venture, Morgan Stanley, August Capital
Active Investment
Screenshot azubu website
Azubu, Santa Monica USA
Investment 2015 (loan)
Partner: Sapinda
Exit by repayment
Screenshot Amaro website
Amaro, São Paulo Brazil
Investment 2015
Partner: Whale Holding
Active Investment
Trocafone, Sau Paulo Investment 2016 Partner: Quasar Ventures Active Investment
Trocafone, São Paulo Brazil
Investment 2016
Partner: Quasar Ventures
Active Investment
Investment 2016
Partner: Advent Ventures, Felix Capital
IPO September 2018
USD 8.2 BN*
Pluto TV, Los Angeles USA
Investment 2016
Partner: SKY, Pro7Sat1, USVP
Active Investment
Happiest Baby Inc., Santa Monica USA
Investment 2017
Partner: Greycroft Ventures
Active Investment



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