Investment Process

There are countless venture capital offerings. The real art practised by successful venture capitalists is that of selecting suitable companies on the one hand and obtaining an investment slot on relevant terms on the other. With companies that already have revenues and a certain degree of maturity in particular, new investors often have no chance. Sallfort Privatbank’s global network of leading venture capital firms like Accel Partners, Morgan Stanley, Google Ventures and many others ensures, however, that relevant investments are recognised and that offers of investment slots are obtained.

To evaluate the investments we employ the Sallfort VC investment process, with a wide range of activities ranging from due diligence to active investment management. Sallfort Privatbank AG has defined a clear process for evaluating investments and contributes wide-ranging expertise to the process. This expertise is also the key element in Sallfort’s investment management, enabling us to play an active part in consultations with the existing shareholders and founders.

Investment process and Sallfort PE expertise

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