Board of Directors


Portrait Sven Hoffmann Sallfort Verwaltungsrat
Sven Hoffmann *
Portrait M. Georg Barth Sallfort Verwaltungsrat
M. Georg Barth
Portrait Peter E. Merian Sallfort Verwaltungsrat
Peter E. Merian *
Portrait Dr. Gabriel Herrera Sallfort Verwaltungsrat
Dr. Gabriel Herrera *

*independent Member of the Board in accordance with FINMA-Circular 2017/1

Sven Hoffmann

Chairman of the Board of Directors

Sven Hoffmann is a commercial lawyer and owner of a law firm in Basel. He has worked in various international management functions at home and abroad for many years. He is a member of various trustees and holds numerous board mandates. Sven Hoffmann holds a lic. iur. from Law Faculty of the University of Basel.

M. Georg Barth

Board of Directors

M. Georg Barth is a shareholder of Sallfort Privatbank AG and Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors, of which he has been a member since 1998. He is also Chairman of the Board of Directors of Sallfort Holding AG and Barth Fruit AG and holds various other board mandates. Georg Barth headed Barth Fruit AG until 2016 and has nearly 20 years of experience in international commodity trading, with a focus on Europe, Central and South America and Southeast Asia. Since 2013 he is Managing Director of Barth Services GmbH. Georg Barth trained as a trustee at Testor & Orbi Treuhand, Basel.

Peter E. Merian

Board of Directors

Peter E. Merian was head of the Basel Stock Exchange and served for twelve years from 1996 on-wards at the SWX Swiss Exchange Admission Office. He also led Bank Sarasin as a partner, first as CEO and then as a member of the Board of Directors, to successfully becoming an international private banking player. Peter E. Merian has served on various boards and foundations and holds various board mandates. Peter E. Merian holds a lic. iur. from the Law Faculty of the University of Basel.

Dr. Gabriel Herrera

Board of Directors

Dr. Gabriel Herrera spent 23 years at Schweizerischer Bankverein / UBS AG in leading positions in financial analysis and asset management. At UBS Global Asset Management he was CEO EMEA (Europe, Middle East & Africa). Since 2011 he has been the founder and CEO of the asset management company ARTICO Partners, Zurich, which specializes in global equity investments. Gabriel Herrera holds a doctorate in economics from the University of Basel.


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