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chart performance strategic investment committee

chart performance tactical investment committee TIC



BAK Economics + own secondary research + techn. research

Performance Research Beispiele


Asset Management

Management of the Mandates

Agreement on investment strategy

  • Individual mandates and choosing / definition of the risk category
  • Various reference currencies
  • Consideration of specific client needs

Implementation of the investment strategy

  • Actives Management
  • Tactical over- or underweight of individual asset classes
  • Timing and selection


  • Constant monitoring of composition and risk profile
  • Performance attribution
  • Benchmarking

Direct investments

Direct investments are placed in fixed income titles and in stocks in the following markets: Switzerland, Europe and USA.

Fund selection

Special topics or regions; Open Architecture Approach.

Alternative Investments

Broad diversification, Fund of Hedge Funds, precious metals.


Derivatives are primarily used for hedging.


Stock Selection

Investments are made following these 4 criteria:

Basic investment (ca. 1/3)

Stocks in countries/regions (Switzerland, Europe, USA, Emerging Markets). Preferably investments are made in ETFs or index funds. Classical investment funds can be considered.

Dividend-paying stocks (ca. 1/4)

Selection of the dividend gems in the Swiss, European and US markets.

System based selection (ca. 1/4)

Proprietary approach; profitability, leverage and liquidity, operative efficiancy, ratings.

Special positions / trading (ca. 1/6)

Taking advantage of special trading situations; investments are usually made directly but can also be embedded in funds.


pie chart asset management stock selection Special positions trading system based selection basic investments dividend-paying stocks


For information in person please contact:

Thomas Pfefferle
Telephone:+41 61 225 52 71


Value Investment

Sallfort Quality Investing

“Whether we’re talking about socks or stocks, I like buying quality merchandise when it is marked down.” – Warren Buffet

Value investors invest in a stock if they assume it is currently undervalued and the so-called intrinsic value is higher than the current price. This approach offers significant profit opportunities, as soon as the market recognizes the true economic value of a company and rewards the stock with a rising price.

Sallfort Privatbank has developed a quality approach on three stock universes (CH, Europe, USA) and has a long-term experience in the management of value investing as investment consultant and asset manager.

  • Investment concept according to a clearly structured approach
  • Discipline in the implementation
  • Risk management

In the portfolio design, we also want to achieve the following specific objectives:

  • Positive returns regardless of market development
  • Diversification
  • Low volatility
  • Generating cash flow for the investor
  • Quality stocks before growth stocks


Stock Selection

chart value investment stock selection

3 stock universes (CH, Europe, USA)

  • SPI Swiss Performance Index
  • STOXX Europe 600 Index
  • S&P 500 bzw. NASDAQ Composite

System based quantitative pre-selection

  • several valuation figures
  • scoring method
  • specially developed algorithm
  • selection of the most suitable stocks

Subjective fundamental assessment and technical analysis

  • forecast of sales and earnings development
  • consideration of special factors
  • technical chart analysis


Additional Layers

chart value investment additional layers


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