Art Collection

All the works shown on this website belong to the Sallfort Privatbank AG collection.

Sallfort Art Collection Lichtenstein Red Lamps 1990
Roy Lichtenstein, Red Lamps
Lithograph, 1990
Sallfort Art collection Lichtenstein Imperfect 1988
Roy Lichtenstein, Imperfect
Woodcut, screen print, collage on 3-ply Supra paper, 1988
Sallfort art collection Basquiat Untitled Head 1983 2001
Jean-Michel Basquiat, Untitled (Head)
Screen print, 1983/2001
Sallfort art collection Balkenhol Mann 2005
Stephan Balkenhol, MannĀ 
Painted bronze, 2005
Sallfort art collection Balkenhol Man with blue pullover 2011
Stephan Balkenhol, Man with blue pullover
Painted poplar wood, 2011
Sallfort art collection Huang Min, The Kite
Huang Min, The Kite
Oil on canvas, 2006