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Contemporary art has always been of great importance to the shareholders of our bank and over the years a commensurate art collection has been built up. US pop art, the German neo-expressionists and contemporary Swiss and Chinese artists form the core of the collection – reason enough to present a selection of works from the collection prominently on our website.

On the following pages you will see works by Roy Lichtenstein, Stephan Balkenhol, Jean-Michel Basquiat, Robert Rauschenberg, Huan Min and Jean Tinguely.

All the art works can be viewed in our offices in Basel and Zurich.


Sallfort Privatbank, with registered offices in Basel and Zurich, combines the entrepreneurial tradition of nine generations of the Barth family with innovations in banking. In addition to traditional private banking, Sallfort offers system-based investment strategies, private equity investments, M&A and corporate finance services. Since 2015 Sallfort Privatbank has also been operating in London through its joint venture with Sallfort Partners.

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Asset Management

Assets are there to be protected and grown. That is the premise according to which our team of experienced asset managers work for our clients in Switzerland and abroad. The most important aspect for individual client advice is a thorough understanding of the client’s needs, so that these requirements can be translated into a corresponding investment strategy. Here, we make use of the latest technology. Equally important to us is our investment specialists’ daily exchange of information and views on markets, developments and even individual equities.

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Quarterly Letter Q4 2018

21. January 2019

We provide our clients with an analysis and a forecast of the most important markets on a quarterly basis. The report is researched by BAK Economics.   Click here for the quarterly letter.   (Non-clients receive delayed access to this quarterly letter.)

Private Equity

In addition to the need for traditional investments such as shares, bonds and funds, there is a growing need for new forms of investment.

At Sallfort Privatbank AG, Private Equity means venture capital investments in innovative technology companies with a geographical focus on Silicon Valley, the US West Coast, the UK and Latin America. For this purpose, we have developed a new model that does not require a fund and offers investors a direct equity stake in growth companies.

At Sallfort Privatbank, this is called the “Venture Capital Club Deal”.

As a result of successful exits such as Ubiquisys, Lending Club and Seal Software, our Venture Capital Club Deals have one of the best track records on the venture capital scene. We offer our clients the opportunity to invest directly in growth companies alongside the Sallfort shareholders – and to do so without fund and management fees.

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Corporate Finance

In recent years, Sallfort Corporate Finance has conducted a number of transactions as the exclusive advisor to major companies in Switzerland and abroad. These include the acquisition of a Swiss online portal for a leading media group, the takeover of an international recycling group by a family-owned company and the sale of a global online service company to a European buyer. Due diligence projects in the media and technology sectors complete the picture of the transactions of the last few years.

Due to the extensive experience of the Sallfort Private Equity, Products & Services team in the fields of mergers & acquisitions, corporate finance and financial engineering, we are able to offer a comprehensive service portfolio.

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Platform and Jobs

Independent asset managers are welcome as partners of Sallfort Privatbank. With a state-of-the-art IT platform, dynamic asset management and a highly diversified service portfolio encompassing e-banking, mid and back office, exclusive private equity investments and corporate finance, Sallfort offers a unique platform for providing individual customer care to your existing and new clients.

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Art Consulting

Professional advice was one of the key elements in building up the Sallfort art collection. This is a service that we also wish to offer our clients with an interest in art. In recent years, the art market has become more international; artists and art prices have developed increasingly rapidly; and the range of art on offer has grown immensely. Private market participants, be they art lovers or art investors, always run the risk of losing track and, as a result, of failing to have the right decision-making basis for buying or selling art.

Sallfort Privatbank has been providing art consulting services for its clients for a considerable time now. Our partnership with an internationally recognised expert, Fausto De Lorenzo, enables us to provide transparent advisory services of the highest quality.

The range of services is extensive and is tailored to the needs of private clients. In addition to market and price analysis, we offer research services, expert opinions and support in purchase and sale negotiations.

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The merger of Sallfort Privatbank with Banque Heritage was completed on 7 June 2019.

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